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    SPARTANFAM Homework.

    Do it every day twice. It takes 20 mins and you can do it anywhere.Homework is a concept that I came up with for my class members to really benefit from their training session.Since then it has been proven as a way for everybody to get fit. Convenience and consistency is key. So here are the all the home work videos to date in order. #Ahoo

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    Video 1.

    This was the first video- I listened to peoples feedback. People said that me doing the home work was intimidating for some of the viewers.

    I hate doing press ups slowly.

    So I asked my beautiful friend/client/neighbour @Cleosol to deliver the home work. It is shot on my camera phone because that is all I had at the time. When I go to sort out the music I was not looking in the camera! #fail !!

    @Tymusic first came to me in February. He was unfit and not feeling too good about exercise. Since then he has been taking his training/homework seriously and is all up in the homework video repping to the max. Progressing at a ridiculous pace.

    Check out his brand new album coming soon at

    Video 7.

    Time to get a training partner. Shameek is a @rundemcrew younger. He has been working hard and is an athlete in general. He can run 10k Ridiculously fast.

    Video 9.

    20Staggered push ups in total 10 then alternate.
    20 Jumping staggered if you can do them.
    15 V sits touching your toes.
    15 V sits touching your heels.
    30 alternate mountain climbers, 15 each leg.
    15 double footed mountain climbers.
    30 Obliques 15 each side.
    20 Burpees to Dorsal raises.
    4 sets of Jumping squats to Jumping lunges. (one set is 4 jumping squats/4 jumping lunges)

    20 Closed grip tricep dips.
    20 Shuffle squats.
    20 Jumping squats.
    20 Monster mash.
    20 Seconds rapid punching.
    20 Seconds sprinting on the spot.
    20 Full circle push ups.(10 left, 10 right.)

    Video 11.
    Quick workout, takes 15mins.
    This is the Soldiers workout. 
    James has just come back from Afghan so big ups to him ahoo! (I served with him in Iraq).Here is the workout James was doing whilst over there. Anytime anyplace anything. 
    To join the #Spartanfam you need to do this workout or any of the others twice a day.
    Talk about it join the fam.
    20 Plank jumps to Press up hold.
    20 Bouncing Side planks.(Each side)
    20 Squat jump to Burpee push ups.
    20 Single leg lunges. (Each side)
    Arm circuits with marching. 20 forward, 20 back, 20 bouncing, 20 in and out. x5
    10 Squats down to half way, 10 Squats up to half way, 10 Full squats. x5
    Video 12.
    Cleo is back 2 months after training hard with me. she has been putting in the work.
    Quick Legs and bum workout. Takes 10 mins. Do it twice a day, back to back. 
    Once in the morning when you get up. 
    Once at night when you come back from work.
    20 Alternate side lunges.
    20 5 second jumping squats.
    20 Raised single leg lunges (Each side).
    20 Calf raises.
    20 Leg raises.

    Let me know how you are getting on. I am interested your fitness journeys.


    Spartanfam founder.